applesauce > other latke condiments

Okay, so Tumblr likes dad jokes, right?  Well, as we were getting ready for dinner tonight, my dad was pouring applesauce into a bowl for the latkes and he got that look that bespeaks incoming dad jokes.

“If there were apple carpenters,” says he, “what would their tools be?”

“I don’t know, dad,” say I, “what would they be?”

“Apple saws!”

Understanding the game now, I say, “Oh, oh and if there were apple shoemakers?”

Dad: Apple cobblers!  How about, if the apples lived in little houses, they’d need someone to come and put the planking on the houses, what would those be?

Me: *thinking hard* Apple…. apple siders!

And finally, the piece de resistance, the one that had me laughing too hard to even get the answer out, he asks me “And who goes to the apple synagogues?”

Jewish dad jokes on point

i hate applesauce in all forms im just reblogging for the puns


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