I can’t really explain why this bothers me, but it really does. 

Maybe it feels a bit like a co-option of the Holocaust narrative which is constantly getting co-opted by non-Jewish non-Rroma people. 

Maybe it has to do with a certain implication being made here.

I really can’t put my finger on it, but I just feel something if off and really bothering me about this.

Jumblr maybe some of you feel the same as me, but can explain it better. Or maybe it is just me either way I’m curious what you think.

Jewish victims have never called themselves monsters. In EVERY incarnation Magneto makes it clear he is VERY self-assured, not least of which about HIS OWN VICTIMIZATION BEING JUST THAT and his actions as JUSTIFIED however much we don’t agree with his misguided extremism. 

What the fuck are goyim doing spreading a gifset which equates camp inmate numbers with the narrative that the abused beget abusers?

Jewish anger about antisemitism is in NO WAY COMPARABLE with the hate generated by antisemites. One is punching up, one is punching down, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise – ESPECIALLY for a survivor – is engaging with victim-blaming. 

Jews are not receptacles for the hate of antisemites. We generate our own feelings, and that includes righteous anger.

We are an autonomous people and frankly that’s literally the ONLY thing that Magneto is actually about.

Also? There’s nothing monstrous about a Nazi hunter. There, I said it.


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