So apparently in 1999 Fox Kids had an Avengers cartoon called The Avengers: United They Stand.  It was an Avengers team led by Antman and starring Wasp, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Wonderman, Tigra, and Falcon. (though if anyone needed the reminder that the marvel universe and even the avengers have not ALWAYS been centered on Steve and Tony, this is proof enough imo)  But it is…

Wow it is so 90s.  The animation is baffling, the voice acting is sometimes downright bizarre (WTF IS WRONG WITH HAWKEYE’S VOICE????), and they have fucking TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCES.

This is a fucking treasure and I am so sad I didn’t watch it as a kid.

whats going on with jan she looks like kitty pryde but sounds like emma frost or smtg

why is wanda here without pietro, what is that accent, cLINT are you a smoker now

wasp ur outfit sUcks ur a fashion designer wtf

im into falcon tho


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