He was standing outside of the Holocaust Museum.

Can i hug this man.

This is disgusting. Standing outside the HOLOCAUST MUSEUM doing this shit? Fuck this guy.
Talk about derailing, jfc.
Does he also run into funerals of people with AIDS and go, “ALSO INCLUDE CANCER IN YOUR MEMORIAL CANCER IS VERY BAD.”

Not to mention it makes it so damn obvious that it’s supposed to be directed TO Jews–we are supposed to see this as us being chastised personally, to be reminded of the recent genocide we went through, in order to shame us about the state of Israel, because trash like this can’t begin to separate the state of Israel from Judaism.

Remember kids, the Shoah was a lesson we were meant to learn from!
Not, you know. A freaking mass genocide committed against our people that we try to commemorate in the hopes that violent antisemitism will stop (it hasn’t).


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