Not even a year has passed since 17,000 protesters marched through Paris streets chanting “Juif, la France n’est pas à toi” (“Jew, France is not yours”; skip to 1:45 in the above video).

Since January 26th, France has hit every rung on the descending ladder of violence from mere battery to rape, murder, firebombing and small scale pogrom in its regular terrorization of French Jews.

I don’t want “signal boosts.” I don’t want this reblogged with helpful tags like “#i’m not jewish,” or “#i’m gentile” or “#i’m goy.” I don’t want you broadcasting this in the name of “social justice.”

I want goyim to look at this and be ashamed. I want you to feel our anger. A little sliver of the hatred you give us.

I detest you. I detest how you turn our pain and our personhood and our history into rhetorical props. I detest how you treat us as a people apart, a people insulated by power, and the violence and hatred we face as if it were isolated and inconsequential. I detest how you scapegoat us. I despise how willing you are to believe the most laughable and hateful things about us. It disgusts me how you strip the mark of Jewishness from anything Jews have made that you desire. It disgusts me how happy you are to impute Jewishness to whatever you hate. It enrages me to no end that you refuse to understand that Am Yisrael is a people bound by history, culture, religion and blood, transcending boundaries of nation, race, class or politics.

I don’t want your self-gratifying social justice. I don’t want your outrage for events occurring in a country that is for you likely an ocean away. I want your shame for your complicity in the antisemitism of whatever pitiful country it is you call home. Give me your shame.


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