Police in riot gear approach protesters while tapping their batons.

-via DeRay McKesson

Wednesday, November 26th, 11:50am

Folks, this is called a war tactic, and it is a very old one. When you have a large group of people tapping the weapons they intend to use against you so that you can hear them, and marching towards you, it’s an intimidation tactic. Another example would be the Soldiers of Rome, hitting their weapons against their shields, in sync. The Revolutionaries in Ukrain did this with their makeshift weapons and barricades as well, and the forces moving against them did the same. 

Slamming batons on riot shields is one of the first intimidation tactics that is employed in these situations. They’re walking out there like they’re waging a war against the people.

Then again, this is pretty cute compared to the other things they’ve done that constitute as what should be seen in battlefields. 


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